I have been fortunate to have worked with many different types of people from various backgrounds and with various goals.

“Progress from my track presented itself in the realization that manifestations of my affirmations were effortlessly beginning to become clear in my day to day life! The result of using my track everyday led me into a world I have been wanting to see for a while now. A deeper perception of the life I knew I was capable of achieving, a grace… I am so thankful for the divine timing of these tracks coming into my life. The first 30 days were wonderful. I was immediately swept away by the magic of what these tracks meant to me in my pursuit to reach my dreams! My affirmation track was the first thing i thought of upon waking and the last thing before bed; straightening out the kinks of anything picked up during my day or sleep. I have witnessed many positive results. The first, seeing my desires being met. Suddenly I looked around and realized I was living in a way that I had desired for a long time. And more fruitful than I had even realized I had been thinking about wanting. I was intentionally affirming the ability to see and feel what I want out of life at that moment.”

Kasza A. CA

What positive results have you witness?

“Courage and willingness to change with grace. An enthusiasm for life and all that it mirrors and brings on a daily level. Deep gratitude and joy, and the conviction that we all have the ability to do ANYTHING! It’s a very empowering process, and a solid and positive foundation to build upon.“  

Are you excited for your next revision of you track?
“YES!! It’s feeling like the perfect time for a refresh and updating my affirmations. After the big wave of change a processing season was necessary. Now, as that draws to a close, I notice a new spring in me, ready for the flowers to blossom, and the fresh seeds to be planted. The revised track will be incredibly aligned and full of inspiration!” 
What challenges did you overcome with creating the habit for your track?
“The challenge of living small. Suddenly I had the courage and conviction to follow my truth in subtle and stronger ways. My path became much clearer, easing up decision making. Also old habitual patterns started to clear, and I noticed incredible actualization’s taking place in my world.“ 
-Lauren H. OR

What was the result of using your track every day?

“The result of using my track every day was a feel of deep satisfaction in doing a routine successfully. Starting my day on an up shift, my dreams even improved after affirming at bedtime.” -Juanita W. FL 

How was the first 30 days?
“The first 30 days took effort, but it was such an easy routine to follow, I soon started to feel real good. The rewards were exponential compared to the effort.” -Lauren H. OR
How do you feel if you miss a morning using your track?
“If I miss a morning, my day seems to lose some shine and I don’t quite start on the same clear footing”  -Lauren H. OR

“Been doing my affirmations track both am & pm. I like the fact of starting my day off right and ending it into the subconscious dream land on an empowered foot. I feel alive, secure and confident after I am done! I love it!”

-Shannon A. WA

 “I absolutely LOVE how powerful I feel after finishing my affirmation track! Jumping over those hurdles just keeps getting easier and easier!!”

Laura D. WA

“To be truthful I was very skeptical about this process, wondering if I could really personally see the changes. I probably wasn’t as diligent about listening as much as I was instructed, which was my fault and not the program. I was amazed how quickly I was able to feel how effortless the new changes produced positive reactions in my life. I was honestly unburdened and it definitely is a very unique way to finally feel free.  Fantastic program!“ 

Melody W.