VIP Package-3


For those really ready to take charge, package three is for you, the VIP clients.  You will have access to the ExpressQue for quickest response in receiving your I-Am-It-Affirmations MP3.  After a two hour video conference, you will receive two fully customized tracks, a morning and evening (25-35 Affirmations total) plus a mid-afternoon mini-track with your most powerful affirmations for a quick recharge.  As VIP’s you get 12 weeks of access to the IAIA support group, including three 30-minute follow-up video conferences every four weeks for 12 weeks.  You will also have access to other opportunities of cutting edge neural technology on how to further lock in what you wish to see in your life.


  • Access to gigantic directory of affirmations including tricks and tips to writing your affirmations.
  • 2 fully customized tracks morning + night: 25-35 Affirmations total + a Mid-Afternoon Mini track each including Audio Masking.
  • 1 hour video conference to finalize and revise your affirmations.
  • 2nd hour with optional guided relaxation exercise and the recording process.
  • I-Am-It-Affirmations Private Google Group (12 week access).
  • 3 follow up video conference (30 min sessions) 1 every 4 weeks.
  • Client ExpressQue (What is ExpressQue?).
  • Opportunities on other cutting edge neurotechnologies..