Mind Over Matter: Positive Thinking Via Mindfulness

Telomeres are molecular protective caps of DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes. They prevent our chromosomes from deteriorating. This information led to the discovery that ‘natural death’ is actually a cause of stem-cell exhaustion caused by shortening of the telomeres. Positive thinking practices are being discovered to have a strong influence on the DNA and the health of ones molecular structure. After the practice of mindful meditation, breast cancer patients have a reported healthier, more preserved telomere length. More studies have shown a direct correlation between meditation and a reduction of stress hormones and inflammation-causing components.

Mindful Meditation deals with focusing on present thoughts and actions in a non-judgemental way, paying more attention to what is going on in the moment. And placing focus in a way where individuals can live more fully present in their lives and less on ‘auto pilot’.

Learn more about the effect that mindful mediation has here:http://bit.ly/1NLHEeR