How does I-am-It-Affirmations work?

I have designed a way to develop and enhance your own success by combining the skills of music production with positive thinking. Together we produce a personalized affirmations track utilizing the power of your own voice. Other brain reprogramming programs exist but what i have to offer is unique. Currently available programs all want to reprogram your brain for you.What I have developed is a way for YOU to control of the programming of our own brain. And what I developed has sky rocketed me to my new life.

We will start with coming up with a powerhouse of personalized custom affirmations, that you, the client will record reading them to a voice memo on any smartphone or computer. Once you are satisfied with the recording you send them to me.  I’ll add ambient music of your choice, but here’s the kicker- the first half of your track I pull the affirmations audio volume down just below ear shot. So while you are visualizing your amazing new you, your voice is bypassing your conscious filters and starting the process of re-wiring the neural nets in your brain. In the second half of the track your voice comes in and you then repeat after yourself the affirmations you have selected to transport you to your new life.

For a 2 minute demonstration of what your personalized track would sound like put on some head phones and press play. At 30 seconds into the track I lower the ambient sound to let you hear what audio masking your voice will sound like.


It is an exceptionally simple tool made by you, in an mp3 format that will be on your phone to be used at any time. My recommendation is you listen to your affirmations first thing in the morning and right before you fall asleep. Why at these times? Research has shown that, your brain waves are the longest and you can reach the foundational level of your sub-conscious at these times. It takes 26-30 days to start creating new neural networks in your brain and as you straighten them the “old poor me” way of thinking will atrophy and will no longer be used.

The most amazing part is noticing how affirmations start popping up in your life. The possibilities are truly endless. The biggest question is, if you could do anything regardless of your current circumstances, what would you like to do? If you could be anything regardless of your current circumstances, who would you be?

Next is where your I-Am-It-Affirmations journey begins; all you need to do is plant the seed of your future self.