5 years ago, I would have thought so. Back then it was me Vs. the world. I constantly struggled with getting ahead in life. I would try and catch whatever life threw at me, usually drop it, be down on myself or try and deny that it happened.

I do remember the way I used to talk to myself. A lot of put downs, not good enough, and overall sarcasm. Today all of that has changed. I keep a strict minds eye on what i’m saying to myself. if anything gets out of line I immediately over-ride the thought with the polar opposite. From “I’ll never be able to do that,” to “I can definitely do that!”

A daily I am It Affirmations session will keep your head in the game and create the new neuronal pathways that will keep the positive thoughts happening and let the poor me pathways turn to atrophy

Ask any successful person if they spent time visualizing themselves being successful. When you are visualizing something you are literally creating a neural network within your brain that corresponds to what you want to achieve. You are creating the seed that allows the blueprint to unfold into your life.13 - 1