“I want to show people how to have a daily reminder and keep to their goals with a laser focus in order to achieve their plans for improvement or greatness.  This can be accomplished by using the best in neural plasticity (the brain’s ability to change and adapt) along with positive thinking.  I love to talk about the processes of the brain and our ability to harness our potential every chance I get because it is so powerful.”                                                                                                                                          – Joshua Hale


I’m in the focus business, as well as a solution specialist and a self-taught life-hacker.  Life-hacking is about making one’s life easier and more efficient.  By asking simple questions that often produce very creative and intelligent responses, life can be refined and enhanced.  By affirming myself first, I now wish to share my success with the world. I’ve designed I-Am-It-Affirmations into a tool tailored for you, to put the control of your life in your hands.

As a spiritual seeker my path has taken me from the confusing challenge of being human, and has lead me through Vipassana meditation training, the world of metaphysics, to the continuing studies of Theoretical Cosmology (Structured Bubble Universe) & Neurogenesis through Bio-Spiritual Development.  I have been practicing intuitive counseling for several years. I have analyzed several affirmation programs, and I am continuing my education by pursuing my passions.

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My home grid is in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but this process is set up to be done all on-line exclusively.  I facilitate clients all over the world by taking advantage of on-line video conferencing. I’m determined to work with your needs to the productive end, which is the beginning of your independent sovereign journey, guiding you as you create and accomplish your goals.