Accessing  your authentic self by rewiring your

 neurons using your own voice.      

IAIA  (I Am It Affirmations) is a powerful and effective tool that will assist YOU in taking control of your life, especially because it’s custom-tailored for YOU!

Throughout the years, I have observed that the people (myself and my clients included), who have employed the principles behind this tool (Affirmations, Mindful Meditation and the 3R’s = RoutineRepetitionReinforcement), have benefited immensely! It’s been long understood that, by practicing positive daily habits, we can induce change… and therefore experience the actual results of our chosen intentions.


However, while it’s natural to desire well-being for ourselves, SO OFTEN WE BECOME EASILY DISTRACTED and somehow, self-sabotage that daily practice.

NOW, by utilizing this easy-to-use product, designed specifically to accelerate the realization of your personal goals, you have the opportunity to ‘become the change’ that YOU desire in YOUR life!

Your IAIA personalized track is something you can easily do every day! By just relaxing and pressing play, YOU activate the course-correction that effortlessly establishes new patterns of thought and action…which will then open new doors to a self-determined way of living!


How does I Am I

Affirmations work?


I have designed a way to develop and enhance your own success by combining the skills of music production with positive thinking. Together we produce a personalized affirmations track utilizing the power of your own voice.

Other brain reprogramming programs exist but what I have to offer is unique.  Currently available programs all want to reprogram your brain for you.  What I have developed is a way for YOU to control of the programming of your own brain, and what I developed has sky rocketed me to my new life.

We will start with coming up with a powerhouse of personalized custom affirmations, that you, the client will… Read More

IAIA not only sky-

rockets your moods…


  • You can cultivate your inner belief system

  • Emphasize your priorities

  • Support your goals

  • Have a daily reminder of your values

  • Reinforce your determination

  • Improve and enforce your healthy habits

  • Accelerate your focus in sports training

  • Program your mind for more positive thinking.

  • Even effect your physical body!





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For a 2 minute demonstration of what your personalized track would sound like, put on

some head phones and press play.


 At 30 seconds into the track I lower the ambient sound to let you hear what audio masking your voice will sound like.

It is an exceptionally simple tool made by you, in an Mp3 format, that will be on your phone to be used at any time.

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